CVE-2016-5195 (Dirty COW) – All Servers Protected

We are happy to announce that all of Aspiration Hosting’s servers are fully protected against the CVE-2016-5195 vulnerability, also known as Dirty COW (yes, we find the name silly too!).

Dirty COW (CVE-2016-5195) is a privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux Kernel which can allow a local user (like a web hosting account) to gain root access to the server. The vulnerability is present in all major Linux Operating Systems and security researchers have detected in the wild (ITW) attacks even before security patches were released by the various OS.

Our servers were not affected by the ITW attacks and all servers has been patched with the latest security patches automatically (thanks to KernelCare).

To reiterate, there’s nothing that you will need to do on your end and all of your websites are automatically protected.

New SSH Access Policy

As many of you may be aware, we used to require a valid Photo ID for verification before Secure Shell (SSH) Access could be granted. This was a security feature that we implemented in order to prevent users from causing trouble with the servers.

In our effort to become more developer friendly and with the recent advancement in the security and isolation technology of our servers (like CageFS and SecureLinks), we are happy to say that we no longer require this verification before SSH Access can be granted.

You can now Enable SSH Access with our automated system and start using it immediately!

Pre-Holiday 2016 Promotion! [EXTENDED]

Christmas Logo

EXTENDED: Due to higher than expected demand, we are extending the promotion by one week. Take advantage of these promotional codes before November 7th 2016!

As we are about to enter Q4 of 2016, the holiday season is soon upon us and now is the best time to start a new eCommerce store! If you already have an eCommerce store, now is the time to get ready for the increase in sales and traffic to your website.

Magento just posted a blog post about Gray November which shows the need for you to get ready now!

To get the ball rolling, we are running a Pre-Holiday 2016 Promotion for our Cloud Web Hosting, Managed Cloud Servers, SSL Certificates, Domain Registration and Domain Transfer.

The promotional codes below are valid from today until October 31st 2016 November 7th 2016.

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New Cloud Web Hosting Location – Singapore (SG)

Singapore Flag

Our Cloud Web Hosting plans are now available in Singapore (SG)!

Our Singapore location provides excellent network connections throughout Asia Pacific and it is perfect for any websites with target audience in Asia Pacific.

The Cloud Web Hosting plans in Singapore will cost exactly the same as any other locations and you will have access to the exact same features too!

You can order a new Cloud Web Hosting plan in Singapore immediately from our website and enjoy 50% OFF the first month (Promo Code: SG50OFF)!

If you already have an account with us at another location, you can contact our Billing Department to arrange to move your hosting account to Singapore.

All Servers Protected from HTTPoxy Vulnerability


All of Aspiration Hosting’s servers are automatically protected from the HTTPoxy Vulnerability as of 16+ hours ago (July 18th 2016, 6.52pm EDT).

HTTPoxy is a set of vulnerabilities that affect application code running in CGI, or CGI-like environments which may allow an attacker to proxy outgoing HTTP requests made by your web application, API token disclosure, etc. Further explanation of this vulnerability can be found on the HTTPoxy website.

We managed to roll out protection in the shortest time possible thanks to LiteSpeed Web Server, which powers all of our servers.

To reiterate, there’s nothing that you will need to do on your end and all of your websites are automatically protected.