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Latest Rewards Partner: GetSiteControl

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We have just added a new partner to our Aspiration Rewards program – GetSiteControl.

GetSiteControl is an easy-to-use set of smart widgets for website optimization. It lets you quickly add elements that engage website visitors and help to increase conversions. With average visitors spending less than a minute on a website, it is important to make sure they see the most important content right away, encourage them to stay longer, and engage more with the website.

Everything you need to interact with your website visitors is included: Surveys, Opt-In Forms, Live Chats, Contact Forms, Social Media Buttons, Floating Bars, Popups and more!

We at Aspiration Hosting have been using GetSiteControl for more than a year now with excellent results.

GetSiteControl offers a full-featured Free plan that will stay free forever and if you are interested in upgrading to the Paid plan, you will enjoy 15% OFF for life with Aspiration Rewards.

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SSL is No Longer Optional in 2017

Starting from 2017, a SSL Certificate is no longer optional for your website.

Regardless of what type of website you are running, not having a SSL Certificate will result in your website being penalized by major web browsers.

Google announced that from Chrome 56 onwards (available in January 2017), they will start marking HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.
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