Aspiration CDN: HTTPS Now Supported!

The long-awaited and oft-requested feature for our in-house Content Delivery Network (CDN), HTTPS Support is now available!

As search engines like Google are placing more importance on HTTPS in search engine rankings, more websites are transitioning to full HTTPS everyday and this resulted in many clients to face the hard choice of either to go with full HTTPS for their whole website or to use our CDN.

After months of hard work and a few weeks of trial run, we are happy to say that HTTPS is now fully supported by Aspiration CDN!

To implement the HTTPS CDN, you will just need to setup a new CDN Resource and under SSL Mode, select With SSL (advanced).

If you have yet to implement HTTPS for your website, you can get started by purchasing a SSL Certificate from us and we will handle the SSL setup and installation for you.