Magento LiteMage Extension 1.0.11 Now Available

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Magento LiteMage Extension version 1.0.11 is now available for download and upgrade.

Magento LiteMage Extension is one of the component for LiteMage Cache which is installed in each Magento store to control what should and should not be cached (ESI Hole Punching).

Version 1.0.11 added a few new features and bugs fixes which you can find below.

List of Features and Enhancements

  • Added configuration option to crawl non-default currencies.
  • Added an admin function to allow purge tags from external programs.
  • Fixed a bug where private blocks sometimes would not update when a user logged in.
  • Fixed a bug in the warmup cron process when crawling non-default stores.
  • Ensured that LiteMage can still function when cache storage is not available, such as during memcached restarts or when layout cache is disabled. Shows a warning message on the Cache Management Page in the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Removed configuration option for “Separate Cache Copy for Customized Cookie Values”. To handle this more efficiently, instructions on using a provided rewrite rule are now shown instead.

Warning: If you are currently using the “Separate Cache Copy for Customized Cookie Values” field, please add the provided rewrite rule BEFORE upgrading the LiteMage extension.

Magento LiteMage Extension can now be installed and updated easily with Magento Connect.

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