Magento LiteMage Extension 1.0.2 Now Available

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Magento LiteMage Extension version 1.0.2 is now available for download and upgrade.

Magento LiteMage Extension is one of the component for LiteMage Cache which is installed in each Magento store to control what should and should not be cached (ESI Hole Punching).

Version 1.0.2 include feature enhancements to make Magento LiteMage Extension more powerful and customizable especially for Magento stores with heavy customization. It also includes a feature to temporarily disable LiteMage Cache for certain URL and check if holes for ESI blocks are properly punched from your web browser, making troubleshooting faster and easier.

List of Features and Enhancements

  • LiteMage config.xml is restructured. ESI blocks are grouped based on cache tag and purge events to reduce duplication.
  • Added a private block litemage.jsvar at the end of html page as a place holder block to reset JavaScript global variables per user.
  • Added a new attribute to ESI block configuration to allow injecting a private block into a form value field.
  • Html comment tags around esi:include have been removed to work with html minify extensions.
  • Added GET parameter LITEMAGE_DEBUG=NOCACHE|SHOWHOLES to assist with integration testing.

Along with version 1.0.2, we have updated our setup guide to include troubleshooting and customization tips for Magento LiteMage Extension.

Install & Setup LiteMage Cache

  • Alex Mercer

    This extension broke our cart, our ajax header cart and the customer login. To get the site working again we had to fully remove the package with Magento Connect as simply disabling it didn’t remove the issues.

    I would strongly advise not using this.

    • Alex, as I have replied to you in Twitter, have you tried using version 1.0.2 yet or go through our new General Troubleshooting Guide?

      We did state that LiteMage may not be fully compatible with heavily customized Magento stores which is why in version 1.0.2 there are more ways to customize it to fit your store. A few bugs are also squashed by the LiteSpeed team so more stores should be compatible out of the box.

      If you want to give this a try again but not willing to risk affecting your store, we suggest that you setup a staging or development environment to test it first and if there’s any issues, you can contact us and we can pass on your issue to LiteSpeed team to see how it can be resolved.

      • Continuing the conversation from twitter, this wasn’t a dig at Aspiration Hosting as I think your service is awesome!
        Apologies if it came across rude.
        I will take another look at the updated release and see if I can get further along and update you with any issues.

        Cheers James!

        • No worries! I just replied to clarify a few things and to remind you that this is an updated version. 🙂