Domain Name Price Update 2014

Due to multiple price increases by our upstream registrars and registries for the past year, we are announcing an update to the price of our domain registration, transfer and renewal services which will affect all current and future domains with us. 

As of today, all domain names will have their price increased by $3.00/year. If you have a domain registered with us, the price increase will be reflected during your next domain renewal. 

Free ID Protection / Privacy Protection

While many registrars are starting to charge for ID Protection / Privacy Protection recently (many of them charge an extra $5.00 to $10.00 per year), we have decided to continue offering this service without any extra charge. 

ID Protection / Privacy Protection will help protect your personal information in your domain's public WHOIS record and will reduce the amount of unsolicited emails (SPAM) to your email address and also snail mail's mailbox. 

If you haven't enabled ID Protection / Privacy Protection, you can do so in our Client Area –> Domains –> My Domains –> Manage Domain –> Addons. 

Free Anycast DNS

We are also offering our new Anycast DNS service (Usual Price: $10.00/year) for free along with every domain name registration. 

With our Anycast DNS, you will be able to manage your domain's DNS even if your website is not hosted with us. 

Besides that, the Anycast DNS will also bring improvements to your DNS performance around the world as our Anycast DNS servers are spread throughout 18 cities across five continents (every continent except Africa and Antartica)! 

If you already have a domain registered with us, you can order the Anycast DNS at this link:-

If prompted, you can use the promo code “DNS” to receive 100% discount for the product. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Billing Department

Thank you.