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Next Generation Global CDN

Introducing our Next Generation Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with 40+ CDN Edge Servers / Point of Presence around the world!

40+ CDN Edge Servers / Point of Presence

We have over 40+ CDN Edge Servers / Point of Presence to provide unprecedented performance gains for your visitors around the globe. We now have presence in every major continent in the world so no matter where your visitors are from, your website’s static contents (Images, JavaScripts, CSS, etc) will be delivered to them from a CDN Edge Server nearby.

Improved User Interface

We completely revamped the CDN’s User Interface by integrating it directly within our Client Area, which allows you to easily manage your CDN Resources in a clean and intuitive interface.

UK Web Hosting & Managed Dedicated Servers

Our Global CDN is now available for our UK Web Hosting and Managed Dedicated Server clients as well!

Important: Legacy CDN Users

If you are currently using the Legacy CDN, we encourage you to migrate to our Next Generation Global CDN as soon as possible. We will be shutting down the Legacy CDN gradually and it will be completely shut down in one month’s time.

Ready to Proceed?

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Client Area Emergency Maintenance

We are currently performing an Emergency Maintenance on our Client Area.

While the maintenance is ongoing, access to our Client Area is unavailable and any invoice payments are not possible. You will also not be able to obtain support through our Client Area.

Your website is NOT AFFECTED by the maintenance and you will be able to login to your cPanel / WHM as usual as well.

To contact us and to obtain support, you can email us at the appropriate email addresses listed at the page below:-

If you want to reply to any support ticket, you will just need to reply to the email our system sent to you and support will continue as usual.

We are extremely sorry for the short notice due to the emergency nature of this maintenance and the lack of ETA on when this will be fully resolved.

Thank you.

UPDATE: The Emergency Maintenance has been completed.