Best RatePoint Alternative: ShopperApproved

As some of you may know, RatePoint, the leading customer review service is closing down very soon.

We at Aspiration Hosting were using RatePoint ourselves until the day they announced the sudden closure.

Many ex-RatePoint users are scrambling around the web to find an alternative to RatePoint and at the same time try to save their reviews and testimonials that were left by legitimate clients in RatePoint.

We were in the same situation as you until we found the Best Alternative: ShopperApproved


ShopperApproved has all the feature that you have come to love at RatePoint and even more! They are extremely effective in increasing the reviews and testimonials that you will receive from your clients.

RatePoint Refugee Promotion

From now till February 10th 2012, ShopperApproved is having a promotion which will take 50% OFF their pricing for life!

This is meant for RatePoint refugees but the promotion is valid for non-refugees alike!

They will also be transferring your RatePoint reviews over for you!

Need Further Convincing?

Take a look at our ShopperApproved seal below and while you are at it, be sure to leave a review or testimonial for us!