SMF 2.0.2 & 1.1.16 Security Patch Released

Simple Machines Forum project has released SMF 1.1.16 and SMF 2.0.2 security patches for the SMF community.

SMF Hosting

Critical security issues have been identified and fixed with this patch, therefore it is highly recommended to make sure you update your forums immediately.

A few bug fixes for SMF 2.0.x are also available with the patch.

If you use 2.0.1, you can update your forum to 2.0.2. using package manager, by downloading the smf_2.0.2 patch and installing it.

If you use 1.1.15, you can update to 1.1.16 with the smf_1.0.22_1.1.16 patch, also using package manager.

Please find the changelog for the latest release as usual, on the downloads page: