Aspiration Hosting 2.0

You may have noticed that our site has been redesigned, what you may not have noticed is the changes that come with the new look.

New Hosting Plans: 

Our plans have changed around a bit, please see the list of changes below and be sure to make a note regarding the cut-off times for the legacy hosting plans.

  • All old plans have been phased out:
    • All customers on legacy hosting plans can keep their plan and pricing for life.
    • All customers on legacy hosting plans have until February 1st 2012 to upgrade/downgrade among the legacy hosting plans.
    • Any upgrade/downgrade after the stated date will move you to the new hosting plans.
    • Customers on legacy reseller plans are free to upgrade/downgrade among the legacy plans until further notice.
    • The legacy plans are no longer available for new purchases.



New cPanel Hosting Control Panel Design:

With the new site design it only feels natural that the cPanel Hosting Control Panel design should change also, we like to think the new design is the “cool big brother” of our old design.

New Blog: 

Just like with the cPanel we decided our blog needed to match the new design as well. It may look a little plain for the time being but we plan to have it fixed up real nice in the near future.
You can find our new blog and its new link at:

Uptime Report: 

We thought it would be cool to have a place for our customers to get a gander at our uptime so we took that thought and turned it into a reality. Be sure to give a look to see the uptime of all our machines.

Twitter, Feedback, and Reviews: 

We could never provide our amazing services if not for the people that leave us reviews and feedback. That’s why we have decided to start using Twitter a little more proactively, for status updates on our network and miscellaneous information straight from the management you can follow @AspirationH or browse to:

Twitter is never enough to get the feedback that keeps us strong, if you have any issues with our service please send in a support ticket to our Feedback Department:

The last thing we feel that needs to be mentioned here is that we absolutely love reviews, they tell us things that most people would never tell us directly. So if you want to leave us a review head over to and let us know exactly what is on your mind.

Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to read this, we really appreciate it.


Management Team 
Aspiration Hosting – Premium Hosting Solutions