Client Area Improved with Tonnes of New Features!

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce that our Client Area has been greatly improved with not only bug fixes but we have also added tonnes of new features which may be helpful to you.

The following are some of the new features to take note of:-

Sub-Accounts for Clients – We have enabled the ability for clients to create additional users with specific configurable permissions to access a single master parent account. This will be useful for users who want to setup a separate login information to our Client Area for their web designer/developer, billing department, IT department, etc.

This can be setup under My Details –> Add New Contact –> Activate Sub-Account.

Security Question – We have added security questions to allow proving identity of client accounts.

This can be setup under My Details –> Security Questions.

Mass Invoice Payments – Our Client Area due invoices list has been improved to show the balance remaining for each invoice, and allow for a single payment to be made towards multiple due invoices in a single transaction.

Promo Codes on Invoices – Coupon codes used for products are now shown on recurring invoices so you will know whether you are on a special rate/deal.

Multiple Domain Renewals – When logged in, you will now see a new cart group section called domain renewals which allows you to order renewals for one or more of your domains at any time, in one single order.

Client Area Ticket Search – We have added the ability for clients to enter a ticket number in the support search to jump straight to it.

Orders – Current clients with active orders will not need to go through our fraud checking system, thereby always allowing additional orders through.

Attachments – Multiple attachments can now be uploaded into one support ticket response.

Affiliate Linking – The affiliate landing page will now accept a product ID passed with it in order to link directly to the order form, eg. aff.php?aff=xxx&pid=Y.

Affiliates Stats – We have added new statistics for commissions awaiting the maturation period, total sales and conversion rate percentage.

We hope that you will find our newly added features and improvements useful.

If you have any feedback on these improvements, do not hesitate to let us know!

Thank you.